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15 or 22x magnifying

Doculus Lumus

The Doculus Lumus is the fastest way to check travel documents, driving licenses, banknotes, signatures for authenticity.

Different light modes reveal the security features very well. With the RFID transponder check you can verify all currently used passport transponders for correct response.


  • 15 or 22 x magnification with high quality glass lenses
  • 4 incident LED lights with burst mode
  • 4 UV LED lights 365 nm
  • 8 LED lights for rotating oblique lights
  • e-Passport check with RFID
  • Left-right-hand mode

Article no
1000103    Doculus Lumus 15x magnification 
1000100    Doculus Lumus 15x magnification + RFID
1000109    Doculus Lumus 15x with Front UV
1000110     Doculus Lumus 15x with Front UV + RFID
1000105    Doculus Lumus 22x magnification 
1000104    Doculus Lumus 22x magnification  +RFID
1000108    Protecting bag 


Doculus Lumus

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