Securitech respects your privacy and is responsible for protecting your personal data as well as possible. We have taken measures to that end and of course we must comply with the requirements of the privacy legislation. We are transparent about the types of data we process, the purposes for processing, with whom we share data and what rights you have with regard to your own data. We will inform you about this in this privacy statement. Has questions about this privacy statement? Please contact us.

Your personal data and the processing thereof
Securitech collects and processes only the personal data it needs. Securitech collects personal data both directly (via a request for your data) and indirectly (in the background). Under processing in the sense of the Personal Data Protection Act is understood; any action with personal data, such as collecting, recording, storing, analyzing and providing by forwarding. The Processor means a third party that is engaged by Securitech for the performance of the services of Securitech.

Through our website we process the following personal information: (1) with our contact form we process your name, email address and the message you have written to process your information request in good order; (2) via cookies we process personal details such as IP address, browser, location, and visitor behavior to get to know you as a visitor on our site and to have personalized advertisements displayed. See "cookies and tracking by third parties".

To process our services we process other personal data, such as name and address details of our client and / or his representative. We are then (sub) processor and will then draw up a processing agreement with our client in which specific agreements are described.

Securitech never sells your personal data to a third party or parties.

Legislation and protection
The legal provisions as laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation are complied with by NOBEARS. If necessary, your data will be processed in the context of a legal obligation, and / or if NOBEARS deems this necessary in exceptional situations such as legal proceedings.

Data security
We have taken adequate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data, such as secure connections. We have taken appropriate measures to protect your visit to and use of our site and to prevent misuse. All persons who can take cognizance of the data are obliged to keep it secret.

Cookies, tracking by third parties and their retention period
Securitech collects and analyzes information about the use of this website. Your visit to the website is kept by means of cookies. The information we collect through these cookies is used by Securitech to make our website more user-friendly, to measure the performance of our advertisements, and to display personal advertisements elsewhere. If you do not want us to use these marketing cookies, you can indicate this in our cookie notification. You should take into account that this may limit the functionality of the website.

Google Analytics
On this website we use Google Analytics to keep track of various things, such as the duration of a visit, the physical location of a visitor and which page (s) are visited. It tells us what happens on our website. All data we process with Google Analytics is anonymous and not traceable to a person. The retention period for this data is 2 years. For more information about how Google collects and uses information, we refer you to the Privacy Policy of Google.

Google Adwords 
On this website we use Google Adwords Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing pixel. This helps us to measure the performance of our ads when someone enters a search query on Google and clicks on one of our ads to show you personalized ads on websites that are part of the Google Adwords network. This allows us to determine the success of our advertising efforts, and to remind you of our services from time to time. The retention period for this data is 2 years. For more information about how Google collects and uses information, we refer you to the Google Privacy Policy.

Links to third parties
This website contains links to other internet sites that are not part of Securitech. Securitech is not liable for the content of these websites as well as the way in which these websites deal with the privacy of visitors, nor for the placing of cookies by these other websites.

Storage period
The personal data collected by NoBears will not be stored for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they are collected and used. See "Cookies, tracking by third parties and their retention period" for the retention period of data collected by cookies. We store personal data on information requests for 2 years to serve you well and for internal analysis on categories of applications.

Access, change and delete data
For a specific request for access, modification, and / or deletion of personal data, you can contact us via privacy@securitech.nl. For verification we can ask for an ID-proof (or other method of verification).

Change privacy statement and contact
It is possible that Securitech will extend or change this privacy statement in the future. Important and / or far-reaching changes will be communicated in a clear way. Keep an eye on this page for all changes. If you have questions or customers about this privacy statement, you can contact us via privacy@securitech.nl or +31 13 511 4636. This privacy statement was last modified on April 2019.

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