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Labino UVG3 torch light

The Labino UVG3 flashlight is a sturdy and compact UV-A LED flashlight. The flashlight contains a special filter that ensures that the white light of the lamp is not transmitted, so that only the UV 365 nm is visible.

The Labino flashlight is equipped with 1 UV-A LED. The LED lamp does not need to heat up and can be used immediately. The on/off switch is placed on the back of the lamp by means of a push button.

Due to the long operating time of 3 hours on one battery, the lamp is very suitable for mobile checks. The Labino flashlight is available in a spotlight, midlight and a floodlight version.

Due to the extra filter of the UVG3, the mid and flood version of the lamp complies with ASTM E3022-2015 standards. The flood version also complies with Airbus AITM6-1001 Testing Method.


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Labino UVG3 torch light

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