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Specialist in document research

Document research by Securitech

Any doubt about the authenticity of a document? Is the company stamp really a stamp or is it digitally cut and paste? Has the amount on the invoice been adjusted? Are all pages signed with the same pen?

Securitech Expertise is expert in investigating and verifying of value documents. These can be diplomas, deeds, employer’s statements, contracts, invoices of insurance policies. In brief, all documents represent any value.

The investigation is conducted by us with modern document verification equipment. Of course these investigations are non-destructive. After impartial investigation, done by a document specialist, a clear report will be drawn up.

If you want an investigation like this, please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities and inform you about the costs.

The delivery time of such a legitimate investigation including a specialist report is 5 till 10 workdays. This report can be used as evidence.


Contact us for the possibilities.

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Document research by Securitech

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